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Streamgeist increases your audience engagement with interactive overlays. Start using our free overlays in just a few minutes.

Engage your audience, today!

Collage of different tiles to configure streamgeist giveaways and draw winners.

Simple & Smart

Giveaways easier than ever. We've simplified the controls of every overlay. You don't have to think for a second while streaming!

Decision-Making audiences

Let your audience decide which direction your stream should head. Make difficult decisions easy.

More about

Fully Customizable provides by default two themes. All overlays are fully customizable and can be adjusted.

Cloud Hosted is quick and securely available in the cloud. Control your overlays from everywhere.

StreamDeck Integration

Everything integrates with StreamDeck. Control all your overlays with a single keypress.

Open API

All of our overlays have an open API specification. Build and extend everything you need.

Detailed Analytics comes with detailed analytics of your streams, track brands in your chat with ease.

Remote Controlling is being built to be remotely controlled. Let other people produce your stream.

Simple & Transparent Pricing

The use of is free for individual creators and companies with commercial intentions. All overlays are available in two standard designs. We offer individual customization of our overlays for your stream or event.

Branded Overlay

per overlay
Customization of one overlay to fit it perfectly into your broadcast. Contact us for more information.

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